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8) Bring your 1RM to the next level by combining free weights & FieldPower (view at time 3'12").
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1) The vertical jump performance is related to most activities in sports and daily life. Here is where you make the best use of the Hypergravity training effects of the FieldPower.
2) To increase sprint speed, the resisted skippings is the most effective exercise.
3) To improve your agility, running in-out immediately improves your reactive power and body positioning.
4) The FieldPower offers body-specific resistance for the whole body, for example for arms/upper body.
5) Hypergravity Training is a safe alternative in resistance training, without peak forces or extreme back taxability, and can also be used by inexperienced people. Therefore, the FieldPower is used a lot in youth and rehabilitation training, for example for squats.
6) Run more than 16 meters and improve your driving phase using the FieldPower XXL.
7) Complex training made easy. Take the FieldPower into the field.