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FieldPower Hypergravity Training

FieldPower Hypergravity Training is the most effective training device to improve your performance

     • vertical jump performance / power
     • first step quickness
     • explosive strength
     • stability

Hypergravity Training brings you up to 6 times more increase in jumping power compared to weight training and plyometrics. Follow the choice of many professional teams and athletes and use Hypergravity Training as a part of your daily training program.
HyperGravity Training is a new step in the development of safe and functional strength training. Hypergravity Training has been proven to be of extra value within sports and rehab training since 2003, and is used by thousands of users in (top)sports, physiotherapy, and individuals world wide.

All ages, all levels
Hypergravity Training does not put peak forces on your body and is therefore a safer and easier way of resistance training. It can be used safely by people of all level and at all ages. In fact, Hypergravity Training is the best-selling training tool in the USA for childern aged 10-12 years.

     1. Movement-specific resistance training
     2. Multiple connections
     3. High speed Power

     4. Eccentric/Reactive Power (Plyometrics)
     5. Quickness of Movement
     6. Resistance Training for all people

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Hypergravity training principle
Functional Training
How does Hypergravity Training top Weight Training and Plyometrics ?

Scientifical studies have shown the extra effect of Hypergravity Training compared to Weight Training and Plyometrics in high level athletes:

   • 2,5 x extra increase in jump height
   • 6 x extra increase in power
   • 30% extra increase in maximal force
   • 17% increase in kicking velocity of Olympic Taekwondo athletes
   • 100% extra increase in eccentric power
   • faster stability
Freedom of Power Training
Hypergravity Training in Rehabilitation

Resistance training is commonly used within rehabilitation programs. In order to reach full functional capacity, functional training is a necessity. Hypergravity Training offers the best and safest exercises for this goal. Advantages in rehab are

   •  perfect functional activities
   •  maintainance of functional movement speed
   •  force applicable to specific body parts
   •  force applicable in various directions
   •  no peak forces on back
   •  increased stability (ideal with hip instability, etc).

Coordination & Stability

If landing after a jump, squatting or stepping-down, you need to build up force early in the movement and as fast a possible. When using Hypergravity, the overall movement time stays the same, but the force is built up much faster and power peaks earlier in the downward movement. In low taxable people, for example in rehabilitation or in elderly, you may want to keep peak force low to prevent high taxability of the joints and loss of control.

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Joint specific stimulation during functional movement.
What does this mean during exercise ?

Vertical Jump Training

   • bending movement is faster with Hypergravity, and slower with extra weights
   • extending movement is equal with Hypergravity, and slower with extra weights
   • bending explosivity is much higher with Hypergravity
   • bending force at high velocity is much higher with Hypergravity
   • extending force at high velocity is much higher with Hypergravity

Resisted Start/Acceleration Training

   • almost constant resistance
   • extra resistance when velocity is high
   • concentric power is much higher when using Hypergravity

Reactive Power / Agility Training

   • high force and power during bending and braking movements
   • improved agility right after Hypergravity exercise

Combining weight training & Hypergravity training

When using both extra weights and Hypergravity at the same time, you get the best from both stimulation forms, leading to an extra increase of maximal force and power of some 30% !
Hypergravity training for resisted high velocity training
Weights & Hypergravity