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FieldPower: The revolutionary training device

No matter how athletic you are, the human body has its limitations . Meet FieldPower. A revolutionary training device that will push your boundaries. Whether you’re a professional athlete training for that important game or a physiotherapist looking to boost your rehabilitation program, FieldPower will change the way you train, forever.

The limit does not exist

More power, more explosivity, more stability. FieldPower offers an ever-present force during any sport specific action . Improve agility, stability, acceleration, vertical leap and more with an almost constant resistance. The FieldPower enables any type of movement using resistance from any direction, from any part of the body . The possibilities are endless.

Unique features to achieve unrivaled training effects

  • Easy to transport (7 kg weight)
  • Easy to connect to any pole using two straps
  • Free 360 degrees rotation when placed on the foot
  • Free movement with two wheels under the foot
  • Free force direction by connecting the four blocks to any fixation point
  • 3D-force direction


“THE tool for medical training therapy. Mobile and easy to use for all age groups. A must for every sports therapist, physiotherapist, athlete and trainer!”

  • Andreas Klose, performance athlete, Sports therapist, Physiotherapist, Performance Diagnostician, Lecturer University of Munster, Research assistant Institute for Sport Medicine (UKM)

“I use FieldPower because it’s better and more specific than any other tool for sports specific stimulation.”

  • Errol Esajas, ex-sprinter, Olympic coach, owner Sports Performance Centre Rotterdam, physical trainer of national players and teams in football (Dumfries, Gakpo, de Ligt), baseball Olympic team, tennis (Kiki Bertens), athletics

“Fieldpower promotes attacking the ball, the style I like. You will see results quickly. At Ajax this became clear from the jump test data. Without Fieldpower, goalkeepers suddenly fly. That transfer is great. Jasper Cillessen, Kenneth Vermeer, Andre Onana and Simon Mignolet were very enthusiastic about it at Ajax and Club Brugge”.

  • Carlo L’Ami, goalkeeper coach Ajax, Club Brugge, Al Ain FC

“Fieldpower is an excellent instrument to take the technique of young players to a higher level. Fieldpower is the ultimate tool to improve physical skills and provide a physical foundation, allowing young players to make progress in terms of explosiveness, technique and reach.”

  • Thiemo Koster, owner SKS Academy

You have to feel this

The FieldPower wasn’t designed to suffice the needs of trainers and physiotherapists; it was designed to exceed the expectations of everyone in the field. Learn more about the possibilities for your expertise.


Athletes, trainers, physiotherapists, Youth, Seniors: FieldPower is for everyone


FieldPower is designed as a universal device for any type of training. Professional athletes from all over the world have completely integrated the device in their training routines. The eccentric resistance at any velocity offers new training options to improve force, stability and balance after an injury or during post-op rehabilitation. At lower movement velocity, the FieldPower is a safe alternative to weight training. There are no peak resistance forces. Therefore it can be used by people of all ages at all levels.






You have to see this

Watch how FieldPower is used in sports, Fitness and rehabilitation.

To show you what FieldPower training can do for you in your area of sport we made videos of athletes using the FieldPower while doing what they do best!



Fieldpower: the product


FieldPower offers a revolutionary way of training without limitations.

The FieldPower delivers a unique almost constant resistance during both eccentric and concentric movements at low and high velocities. With resistance at any direction, it is the perfect device for resistance and assistance training.




  • The maximum reach of the FieldPower P11 Performance is 11 meters. The FieldPower S21 Sport XL has a maximum reach of 21 meters.
  • The weight (7 kilos or 11 kilos) makes the FieldPower easy to transport.
  • It can be connected to any pole, fence, or other fixated point using two easy connectable straps.
  • When positioned on the special foot, the FieldPower rotates freely around its axle, offering 360 degrees movement. The foot can be moved using 2 wheels.

Revolutionary design: our story

The FieldPower was designed by Martin Huizing: an exercise physiologist and biomechanics specialist. He’s a former sprinter and hurdler, currently working as a trainer in athletics, tennis and pro-football.

As a trainer Martin Huizing has always been looking for innovations that will improve training an rehabilitation effects. Devices offering an almost constant resistance already exist, and have proven to be more effective than other stimulation forms, like weight training, but he noticed the limitations of the systems currently available.

To answer the many requests by trainers and physiotherapists, he developed the FieldPower. Now it’s finally possible to have resistance in any direction on any body part of choice.


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