You are your only limit

Bring your performance to the next level with FieldPower

Physical performance capacity is key in top sports . Physical performance capacity is key in top sports . FieldPower will empower
you or the athletes you’re coaching, on the road to victory.

“I use FieldPower because it’s better and more specific than any other tool for sports specific stimulation.”

– Errol Esajas, ex-sprinter, Olympic coach, owner Sports Performance Centre Rotterdam, physical trainer of national players and teams in
football (Dumfries, Gakpo, de Ligt), baseball Olympic team, tennis (Kiki Bertens), athletics

What can FieldPower do for you?

FieldPower training improves stability, agility, explosive power and step
quickness, unlike anything you have ever felt before . While using the
FieldPower you can move around freely and do any exercise you’d like.
The almost constant resistance during both eccentric and concentric moves, at
low and high velocities, will change your training experience for the better.

The absence of unwanted peak forces is an important motivation for top
athletes to use the FieldPower. Especially when physical problems like lower
back pain have come into play.